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Gas Stations Can Change Their Pricing Electronically, Anytime... Can You?

ESLAdvances in technology have improved virtually every aspect of retail operations, except traditional price labeling... Until now! For nearly two decades, retailers woldwide have been taking full advantage of Electronic Price Labelling or ESLs to keep up with competitive forces more effectively. No longer are they limited by the time or manpower it takes to change traditional paper price labels. No longer do pricing discrepencies occur due to human error when changing prices manually. The result is that in-store pricing can be every bit as dynamic as pricing is over the internet, or at your local pump.

What are Electronic Shelf Labels?

An ESL or Electronic Shelf Label is a compact wireless price tag which displays product price and traditional pricing scenarios (such as product SKU, barcode, rebates, etc.) via an LCD or graphical Electronic Paper display. Essentially, ESLs replace your traditional paper price tag. As a result, Electronic Shelf Labels eliminate the time and resources typically involved with changing traditional paper price labels. ESLs are linked through a wireless network to your existing Point of Sale or POS database system. Price changes made in your system can automatically be transmitted and displayed on each product's ESL for any or all ESLs in a store or a chain within seconds.

JRTech Solutions is a Pricer Preferred Partner and the leading North American supplier of the Pricer line of ESLs. Pricer is the manufacturer of the world's leading Electronic Shelf Label technology with installations in over 7500 stores across 80 countries with greater than 65% global marketshare. JRTech Solutions provides a full turnkey Pricer solution including installation, programming and support.

Is Your Store Ready for ESL?

In order to answer this question, you need to evaluate how often you have not made a price change because of time constraints, cost, or lack of available resources. Consider the lost revenue and diminished customer confidence that comes about as a result of price discrepencies between your shelf price and checkout. Finally, imagine how you would change the way you price products if you could easily tie them to the fluctuations in your expenses. JRTech's Electronic Shelf Label technology allows you to control pricing however and whenever you want.

The Benefits of JRTech's ESL System

ESLThe JRTech ESL System delivers more than the ability to reduce labor and material costs associated with traditional paper labels. Our system is designed to give you maximum flexibilty in executing your promotions and marketing programs, improve your overall operation's efficiency and drastically increase store level pricing compliance. Here are some of the benefits you will experience with JRTech ESL System.

Reduce or Eliminate Costs

Improve Profitability

Improved Store Operations