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ContinuumSegment-based devices – Continuum


Segment based displays use an LCD active area with pre set segments for information display. LCDs, Liquid Crystal Displays, rely on a mature, low power consuming and cost efficient technology which when combined with JRTech’s pacemaker chip technology and IR communication speed is ideal for retail needs. JRTech’s LCD labels are extremely robust and have a battery lifetime of up to 8-10 years.

The Continuum family gives retailers advanced label features for complex pricing scenarios. The labels have a modern design with a large LCD display, providing the ability to scroll text information enabling the retailer to use ESL for marketing as well as operations.
Furthermore the JRTech range flexibly adapts to retail-specific needs, whether LCD customization or housing size.

Continuum's technical specifications

Continuum models Small Normal Wide Maxi 25 mm
Reference HCS HCN HCW HCM H25
Other dimensions (mm) 48 x 35 70 x 35 96 x 35 92 x 47 100 x 24
LCD viewing area (mm) 35 x 21 56 x 21 81 x 21 27 x 72 17 x 46
Paper overlay (mm) 46 x 10 66 x 10 92 x 10 90 x 17 20 x 43
Freezer version no yes no no no