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DotMatrix™ DM4292A

Extra-clear shelf display

With an incredible 170° viewing angle and true paper-like display, the DotMatrix DM4292A provides plenty of space to add in extra product information on a generous, easy-to-read price on the screen. The mid-size DM4292A fi ts on the same product shelf as the smaller electronic labels.



Article Number 13410-00
Outer dimensions 42 x 92 x 11 mm (1.65” x 3.62” x 0.43”) [height x width x thickness]
Weight 40 g
Display size 29 x 67 mm (90 x 230 pixels)
Display technology Graphic DotMatrix™ zero-power bi-stable
Barcode readable on display Yes Display refresh time 4 s *
Viewing angle 170° Number of pages 4
Attachment Continuum – supported by the world’s leading rail suppliers
Operating temperature +5° C to +40° C
Water resistance Yes
Compliance RoHS, WEEE
Accessories Snap-on frame for promotion or special branding
System compatibility Pricer Server R3.5 SP2 Patch 2 or later
Pricer QUAD Speed
Package 25 per box
Customization Custom coloration of front and display frame

*at room temperature around +20°