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Platform's Concept

JRTech solutions system diagram is a graphical representation of the store environment and the system fundamentals. The system can be portrayed as hierarchical, each plane serving or being served by the parallel planes. The Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) are found on the device plane at the uppermost level, since this is the hardware that defines the solution, ie. price and information displayed at the shelf edge or trolley or end of aisle or anywhere in the store.

The key technology components of the solution are then described as we move down towards the store plane. They are, in order, the management plane consisting of the tools to manage the system, from the software GUI to the robotics to prepare the ESLs, to web clients to operate the system.

This is followed by the data plane which consists of the system architecture and is a graphic representation of the information flow from the retailer back office to JRTech's system, namely product files that are updated before the devices at the shelf edge are updated by the next plane, the communication plane.

The communication plane uses several wireless technologies. At the core is the transmission or diffusion of IR to the store floor, permitting a large-scale data flow to and from the devices. But with the spread of WiFi, JRTech’s system now integrates with other wireless technologies for pointto- point tools, such as WiFi handhelds, or simply Ethernet connection.

Finally, the store, where the real story begins.

System Levels