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Digital Signage - Motion Display

Paper DisplayElectronic Paper Displays

About 70-80% of the purchasing decisions are made in the store. The first 4-7 seconds in front of the products is the most critical moment, often called “the moment of truth”. Traditional paper based point-of-purchase messages is not sufficient in today’s retail environment to draw customer attention and differentiate a product or brand from competitors.

Motion Display is a leading provider of motion driven point-of-purchase displays based on E-ink Corporation’s award-winning electronic ink. According to several independent consumer marketing studies sales and brand awareness increases significantly when using Electronic Paper Displays. Motion Display's Electronic Paper Displays can show moving pictures and messages in retail environment. With almost 180 degrees viewing angle and with high resolution and vivid colours our displays creates a strong impact to get customer attention.

LCD displays are often limited to the heavy installation procedure and the need for wall power. With Motion Display's unique innovative Electronic Paper Displays in-store communication has never been easier. Our battery powered displays with extremely low power consumption has a long lifetime. They are thin and light and are designed to be easy to handle and mount on products, shelves and check-outs counters. They are made of strong materials and suitable for the tough retail environment.