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DGCCRF releases comprehensive study on supermarket pricing errors

The General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) has conducted the first comprehensive study of its kind which looks at pricing errors in supermarkets.

Montreal, July 12, 2012 – This last week, The General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control, otherwise known as the DGCCRF which acts under the direction of the Ministry of Economics and Finance in France, has conducted the first comprehensive study of its kind  which looks at pricing errors in supermarkets between what is on the shelves and what gets ringed up at the cash register. This study, released last week, can be found here:

Here are the highlights from the study :

  • 1, 269 stores were studied and 68,593 articles examined.
  • Pricing anomalies were found in over half of the stores (54 %).
  • 7 % of items in stores were incorrectly marked and 60 % of those prices were unfavorable to the consumer.
  • This information is consistent with a 2008 study that found errors in 52 % of stores where 7.5 % of items were incorrectly priced.

This study provides important insight into the problems inherent throughout the retail industry. Based on our own studies and feedback from the market, it’s as true in Canada and the United States as it is in France.” claims Diego Mazzone, president and CEO of JRTech Solutions.

JRTech Solutions promotes the Pricer line of Electronic Shelf Labels specifically to eliminate the problems cited in the above study. Errors of the type mentioned in the study are related to human error when changing prices by hand. “Since our Electronic Price Labels receive their data from the same POS system that sends information to the store’s cash registers, there is virtually no chance for error.  Furthermore, all price changes happen nearly instantaneously further eliminating the chance for a price discrepancy between our ESLs and checkout.” concludes Diego Mazzone.

About JRTech Solutions
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