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4 Grocery Industry Retail Trends That Will Shape 2023

Over the past few years, successive major challenges have rocked the grocery industry, from labour shortages, the pandemic and supply chain disruptions to skyrocketing inflation and the general cost-of-living crisis.
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4 Strategies to Increase Hardware Store Sales

The hardware industry today is much more complex than it once was. It’s no longer safe to assume that simply offering quality, service and value will be enough to bring
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9 In-Store Sales Strategies for Grocery Stores

Marketing and advertising are essential for any successful business, and supermarkets are no exception. Like any other business, grocery stores in Canada employ marketing strategies to draw in customers, build
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5 Inflation Pricing Strategies for Retail | JRTech Solutions

As a retailer, dealing with inflation is a balancing act – raising prices too much could result in the loss of important customers, but not increasing them could negatively affect
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BMR reaffirms its trust and confidence in JRTech’s Pricer Electronic Shelf Label Solution after Extensive Market Review

Following an extensive review of alternative electronic shelf label (ESL) and digital smart label (DSL) technologies currently available on ...
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How Much Do Electronic Shelf Labels Cost?

Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) are a digital upgrade for product labelling that has major advantages for retailers. These digital price tags can drastically improve efficiency and accuracy on everything from
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