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Liquor Store Price Tags: 3 Benefits of Electronic Shelf Labels

The wine and spirits retail industry continues to evolve. Consumer behavior has changed and the need for accurate and up-to-date information about products during the ever more complex purchasing journey
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5 Types of Retail Sales Promotions and How to Apply Them

Retail sales promotions are a category of marketing tactics that today’s consumers trust and respond to. Despite the growth of multichannel and digital methods for communicating with customers, retailers still
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Pharmacy Inventory Management: The Benefits of Electronic Shelf Labels

Inventory management is challenging at the best of times. With the advent of automatic ordering, inaccurate stock data has become a common problem, often causing shortages or surpluses that cost
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How to Improve Sustainability in Retail

Today’s consumers rank sustainability as a major factor in their purchasing decisions, making retail shareholders and investors take a greater interest in sustainability than ever before. Sustainability is not only
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Retail Communication Strategy: 4 Ways to Improve In-Store Communication

Retail marketing is changing rapidly to meet new challenges and evolving customer expectations. Having a winning in-store communication strategy is an essential part of guaranteeing success and keeping a competitive
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What is a Dark Store?

A dark store is a converted retail outlet or small warehouse-like distribution center that fulfills orders customers place online. Order fulfillment may involve home delivery, curbside and/or in-store pickup options.
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3 Pharmacy Industry Trends That Will Shape 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented major challenges for retail pharmacies and fundamentally changed the industry. While we appear to be beyond the era of lockdowns that characterized the peak of
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9 In-Store Sales Strategies for Grocery Stores

Marketing and advertising are essential for any successful business, and supermarkets are no exception. Like any other business, grocery stores in Canada employ marketing strategies to draw in customers, build
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How Much Do Electronic Shelf Labels Cost?

Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) are a digital upgrade for product labelling that has major advantages for retailers. These digital price tags can drastically improve efficiency and accuracy on everything from
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