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Liquor Store Price Tags: 3 Benefits of Electronic Shelf Labels

The wine and spirits retail industry continues to evolve. Consumer behavior has changed and the need for accurate and up-to-date information about products during the ever more complex purchasing journey has become paramount.

Liquor store owners can cater to a clientele that wants access to information fast by installing digital price tags and other digital signage within stores. It’s a sure way to please environmentally conscious consumers, improve inventory management and make essential information accessible. 

Join us as we show you three ways that using electronic shelf labels (ESLs) for your liquor store price tags can refine your customers’ in-store experience and increase your company profits.

Go green: support sustainability and please your customers

From organic vineyards to an overall interest in sustainability, the wine industry has been showing a consistently greater commitment to going green over the past several years. 

Alongside grassroots efforts to help the planet, eco-friendly wine and spirits packaging has also been growing in popularity. Retail stores can participate and show their environmental commitment to customers by using paperless electronic shelf labels, and by digitizing messaging and signage within stores. 

 Save money: manage your inventory better and drive sales

The more efficiently you manage your inventory, the less money you lose on missing or misplaced products, lost sales and badly-managed ordering. The cost of electronic shelf labels is minimal when you consider that they make it possible to update price changes instantly, so that you can manage inventory without cumbersome and time-consuming manual labour. 

Wireless display labels include monitoring and notification functions. You can identify products in real-time and set up stock alerts. The competitive advantage to the wine and spirits industry is undeniable. Electronic shelf labels lower costs and drive margins, while building customer trust.

Simplify choice and accessibility for your customers

Electronic shelf labels have a place in every sizable retail store, but they can be a special advantage in large-scale supermarkets and liquor stores, where customers face a wide variety of choice and want to find important information on price tags fast. 

In the wine and spirit industry, cost matters. As more and more individuals consume retail-purchased alcoholic beverages at home, it is important that these consumers can immediately and accurately assess pricing information in-store. While the brand continues to be the defining factor in consumer purchasing choice, the struggling economy means many consumers will want to know exactly what they are paying for.

Electronic shelf labels are available in various formats, allowing you to customize the shopping experience within your store and even adjust visual formats to suit your customers. Graphic shelf labels come in high-definition display and can accommodate various additional features, including SmartTAG Power+ which will increase the visibility of promotions, and a built-in NFC function which allows customers to access more information about a product by tapping their smartphone on the label.

JRTech is your partner in cutting-edge electronic shelf label technology

Electronic shelf labels are essential to modern large-scale retail stores. The wine and spirits industry is moving forward to embrace sustainable practices and inclusivity, making digital technology the logical next step in improving in-store experiences. Better inventory management and improved shelving and stock alerts can only help increase profits, and electronic shelf labels are an investment that is certain to bring significant returns.

Contact JRTech today to learn how you can implement digital price tags in your liquor store.