Our environmental commitment with eco-friendly digital price tags

Our eco-responsible policy

What makes digital price tags from JRTech Solutions good for the environment?

Through our innovative technologies that focus on reducing the environmental footprint, JRTech Solutions has demonstrated a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability for over 15 years.

It is important to recall that digital price tags are in essence an ecological alternative to their predecessor, adhesive paper price tags. In fact, considering only the use of their raw material which is paper, it would represent millions of tons of waste per year, having a significant environmental impact.

The Pricer electronic labeling system, based on infrared communication, addresses environmental challenges that no other competing technology can.

Browse the tree to your right to see the green initiatives that JRTech Solutions has undertaken to date.

Longer battery life

Robust and energy efficient technology

Based on infrared communication, which consumes about 100 times less battery power than radio communication, Pricer’s electronic shelf labels (ESLs) are the most energy-efficient solution on the market, and on top of that, ensure optimal non-interference communication with the best response time (<1 second).

As a result, the batteries used in our ESLs are four times longer lasting than any other technology, allowing them to operate at their full potential while achieving a life expectancy of up to 15 years.

These characteristics make our electronic shelf labels the most sustainable on the market. It is important to take into account that the installation of electronic labels with a longer life translates into a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

The fight against food waste

Help reduce food waste!

In Canada, estimates suggest that almost 60 percent of all food produced is lost or wasted and Canadian grocery stores are responsible for 1.31 million tonnes of this refuse every year.

While one-third of food loss can actually be saved and prevented, the problem of food waste comes from two phenomena: the impossibility of selling food after its expiration date and the throwing away of food that has expired.

To reduce and avoid the amount of food thrown away, an effective strategy adopted by grocery stores is the sale of discounted products nearing the expiration date.

Whywaste expiration date management

With our Pricer electronic labels, communicating real-time price reductions and launching promotions becomes very simple to display. Integrating an AI-based dynamic pricing solution such as Whywaste with our Pricer ESLs not only provides a simple and sustainable shopping experience for customers, but also significantly reduces staff time spent checking product expiration dates while increasing in-store revenue for retailers.

JRTech Solutions, a trusted and responsible partner to the industry and our community

To date, our retailers have eliminated the use of over 440 million disposable paper price tags by using our digital tags, saving an average of 1,375 trees and reducing their CO2 footprint by over 63.8 tons. In addition, JRTech Solutions has also implemented an eco-recycling program where we collect and reuse end-of-life labels, further reducing their carbon footprint.