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Trouble-free use thanks to longer battery life!

A robust technology with a long life service

Pricer’s electronic shelf labels (ESL) have been using infrared technology since 1991, which not only ensures optimal communication but is also known to be very energy efficient. As such, the batteries last longer than any other batteries on the ESL market.

In fact, the technical explanation shows that the power consumption of the optical wireless communication developed by Pricer is about 100 times lower than the power consumption of any radio frequency communication system. So, technically speaking, the photodiode (a semiconductor diode in which incident light radiation causes a change in intensity) converts the incoming signal into MHz (1,000,000), while a radio frequency antenna keeps the signal in GHz (1,000,000,000). This allows Pricer’s Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) to operate in MHz and not GHz.

In addition, the fact that the infrared system does not require a large power source to operate at its full potential allows Pricer ESL’s batteries to last up to 10 years, and even 20 years for special models like the SmartTAG Power+ ESL. Moreover, ceiling-mounted transmitters also have a life span of several decades. 

This optimized battery durability is an additional feature that makes Pricer’s technology unique. For retailers, adopting this technology is the most sustainable, reliable, and environmentally friendly solution in terms of energy savings.

Thanks to its wireless optical communication, Pricer ESLs are the only ones on the market to offer real-time price automation. No matter the size of the store or the number of daily updates, Pricer labels offer users the ability to update pricing, capture inventory and other data, all in real time.

Finally, in addition to having a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), the investment made can be recovered in less than five years, without any equipment being replaced in the meantime. Therefore, it is important to take into account the cost of the life of the product, since it will be much more profitable when the duration is long.

The ability of Pricer ESL’s batteries to live up to 20 years, enabled by Pricer’s infrared communication system, is a key advantage for retailers who want to install a durable product, keep maintenance costs low and cost-effective, and have real-time pricing automation.

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