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for electronic labels

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Our Tagstrip™ line of plastics and accessories are mounting solutions for electronic labels designed and developed to offer grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, and more an optimal and customizable system for communicating on the shelves.

With our wide range of accessories and shelf adapters, take advantage of ever more innovative shelf promotional content to increase your marketing impact in your store and personalize your sales area as much as you want!

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Available in the following colors:
Available in the following colors:

Rails for Shelves

Created to fit onto all types of retail shelves, our plastic solutions afford your clients better visibility of our labels and products on the shelf.

Label Holders

Suitable for peghooks, wire baskets, pallets, pedestals, clamps and other hardware that requires one label at a time to be displayed. Our label holders maximize the visibility of your prices and products on the shelf.

Merchandising and Promotional Accessories

Do you want to promote a specific product? With our customizable promotional and merchandising accessories attached directly to our electronic labels, you will boost the impact of your in-store communication operations and strengthen the shopping experience.

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