Digital signage for
grocery stores and retailers

JRTech's digital signage solutions for supermarkets and retail stores will help you increase sales while enhancing your customer experience.

Enhanced shopping experiences with digital displays

With our digital signage for retail, grocery stores and supermarkets, you can communicate with your customers interactively for a better shopping experience. Perfectly designed for the promotion of your fruits and vegetables section, caterer or even fishmonger, this large customizable digital communication screen allows you to show as much content as you want in retail stores.

Drive sales with a range of digital signage applications

Display a list of products on the big screen
Create interactive digital signage improving the shopping experience for your customers
Set up a digital POS respecting the integrity of your prices
Edit displayed information related to your products in one click
No need to change hard-to-reach paper posters one by one
Easily update your promotional messages
Measure the success of your campaigns thanks to delivered audience statistics
Integrated Pricer reader connects directly to any type of TV screen

The benefits of retail and grocery store digital signage

Retail and supermarket digital displays completely eliminate the restrictions of physical signage. With our digital signage solutions, retail stores can dynamically improve in-store promotions, attract more customers and increase sales.

Better in-store shopping experiences

Digital signage prevents in-store crowding by guiding shoppers to the right isles. Display informative and engaging promotional animations that grab shoppers' attention and enrich their retail shopping experience.

Smart promotions for more impulse purchases

Quickly update your retail digital signage content in real-time with the click of a button. Showcase high-profit margin products and limited-time deals on your digital screen, which will capture attention and encourage impulse shopping.

Interactive and data-driven advertising

Make your grocery store, supermarket or retail store come to life with dynamic digital screen content that drives customer engagement. Measure the success of your digital signage advertisements and make tweaks to improve interactions.

Discover our other technologies

In addition to our digital displays for grocery stores and retail, JRTech offers state-of-the-art electronic shelf labels that deliver an all-in-one digital pricing solution for your business and Tagstrip™ shelf label holders and mounting solutions to attach your electronic labels.

Interested in our digital signage solutions?

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