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Find Easter bargains thanks to electronic shelf labels

According to the results of the annual study released by the National Retail Federation (NRF), shoppers plan to spend an average of $169.79 this year on items related to the Easter festivities. In total, 80% of Americans will celebrate the holiday and spend a total of $20.8 billion.

In fact, as NRF CEO Matthew Shay states “Consumers are eager to reconnect with their pre-pandemic vacation traditions, especially when it comes to buying food and gifts for in-person celebrations.”

However, one thing is certain: the health crisis has permanently altered shoppers’ buying habits. Shoppers have new buying demands and retailers continue to struggle to adapt to these new behaviors. 

So, how do Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESLs) provide a seamless shopping experience for consumers during holiday seasons like Easter, while helping retailers overcome the ever-present post-COVID challenges?

Electronic shelf labels, the technological tool that guarantees product transparency
In addition to accelerating the explosion of online shopping, the pandemic has also raised new consumer expectations. Shoppers are now demanding more transparency and expect to find more information about the products they consume. There is not enough information on product packaging and shoppers feel that retailers are not communicating enough about the traceability and origin of products.

Pricer electronic shelf labels are the perfect solution to meet these new requirements. In fact, the intelligent display of these ESLs allows buyers to access all essential product information: price, origin, components, allergies, promotions, etc. Similarly, retailers can also access a page behind the ESL display that shows the quantity in stock, shortages, pending orders, etc., allowing them to do follow ups and constantly respond to buyer demand. 

Moreover, the new generation of fully graphic Pricer labels offers retailers total design freedom with a customizable display. For example, during holiday periods like Easter, the customization and colorization/presence of images on the electronic display allows customers to better identify a product on promotion and in relation to Easter shopping.

Overcoming the new post-COVID reality with electronic shelf labels
The post-COVID reality is that many retailers continue to face challenges such as staffing shortages, inventory shortages and even more so during the holiday months. In fact, the rise of online shopping has greatly affected retailers and their store operations.

Therefore, in addition to helping shoppers have a smooth and seamless shopping experience, electronic shelf labels have proven to be essential in managing store operations since the health crisis.

In order to provide shoppers with an optimal shopping experience while meeting their new purchasing requirements, more and more retailers are choosing to install Pricer electronic shelf labels in their stores. Especially during the busy season such as Easter, the presence of graphical ESLs on the shelves not only makes it easier for retailers to manage their operations, but also allows shoppers to better identify products related to the festivities.

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