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Happy 80th birthday to AQMAT

Our adventure with AQMAT began 10 years ago...

Our adventure with AQMAT began 10 years ago, shortly after the launch of JRTech Solutions. During these years, we have been operators in the transformation of the retail trade, especially in hardware stores : first by facilitating the digital process of changing in-store prices then by allowing retailers to develop e-commerce strategies and picking.

We are inspired by the values ​​of AQMAT and our greatest pride has been to chair its board of directors. Our former sales manager, Guillaume Saillant, was the first member to represent suppliers on the board of directors.

Sharing our common values ​​has also contributed to our success. We helped BMR Lac-Mégantic to be the first hardware store to use our electronic shelf labels. This allowed to show the innovative spirit of these retailers, but also to make JRTech Solutions the largest supplier of electronic shelf labels in North America.

We admire the efforts and actions of the AQMAT aimed at protecting the interests of suppliers and hardware stores in Quebec . It is with great pleasure that we salute its 80 years of growth, incredible service and success. We are proud to be a part of it and will continue in this alliance for many years to come.

Source :
AQMAT Magazine été 2020