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How can we keep our employees safe from COVID-19?

Virtual meetings in pajamas to fight the spread of COVID-19

As the number of Coronavirus cases increases, the governments are adopting different approaches to limit the spread of the virus in the community: from mandatory or voluntary quarantines to social distancing. The key? Do not panic and know how to be prepared.

So, how to be prepared for a global pandemic? 

JRTech Solutions has been proactive in the current situation of COVID-19. More than two weeks ago, we anticipated the need to protect our staff while ensuring continuity of service. 

As a technology company, we were equipped to allow our employees to work from home while being able to use the available resources of our company through VPN and virtual meeting platforms.

As our employees work from home, JRTech Solutions set up a virtual meeting encouraging them to attend while dressed in their most unflattering pajamas. The goal is twofold. For one, it allowed everyone to share some laughs which helped brighten everyone’s mood during this period of social distancing. On the other hand, it reinforced the idea of staying home to prevent community spread. What better way is there to underscore this then by encouraging wearing pajamas while you work? It was fun and effective. We encourage other companies and leaders to give it a try.

Together, let’s fight against the spread of Coronavirus!