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Pricer Digital Labels, more than automated pricing…

Many retailers already have electronic shelf labels to change prices, but did you know our price automation system can go much further that functionality?

4 unique features enabled by our Pricer Infrared communication:

Watch how our “Put-to-light” application helps retailers quickly restock their shelves.

With our “Put-to-light” mobile application and our Pricer Instant SmartFLASH enabled labels, replenishment is done much faster with zero error. An employee scans the barcode of an item to be put on a shelf with their PDA (Portable Data Assistant). The system then flashes the Instant SmartFLASH of the Pricer ESL associated with the item SKU in less than 1 second. Not only does this allow the employee to know where to find the correct product placement on the shelf, it also removes the risk of putting a product in the wrong place. As a result, Pricer’s Put-to-light application speeds up the replenishment process by up to 50%, and increases sales due to less out-of-stock items. 

Additionally, recruiting staff is easier because JRTech’s Pricer Instant SmartFLASH solution helps reduce training time and labor costs by having the ESLs manage employees rather than the other way around.

Offering better customer service and convenience with our Automated Product Geopositioning system.

Through Pricer’s unique infrared ESL infrastructure, JRTech Solutions provides retailers with Automated Product Positioning to effectively geolocate a product to less than 1 foot of its actual location.

This allows customers and retailers the ability to quickly find products within a store via a touchscreen kiosk or a mobile web service.

Pricer’s ESL Geopositioning system is unique because no human intervention is required to adjust a product’s location. If a product is moved within the store, Pricer’s system automatically updates itself to provide the product’s new location. Other systems on the market, which claim to offer Geopositioning services, actually require you to enter a product’s new location each time it is moved within a store.

Combining Pricer’s Geopositioning and Instant SmartFLASH solution to deliver Click-&-Collect capabilities.

Improving picking performance is becoming essential for stores involved in e-commerce activities. Pricer’s Geopositioning system can map an ideal route for all the products which need to be picked for an order.

The ESL of the first product to be picked will begin to flash immediately to allow the picker to see the product from up to 30 feet away. Once that product is picked and scanned, the Instant SmartFLASH of the ESL associated with that product is stopped, and the ESL of the next product to be collected on the list begins to flash automatically.

Shoppers and retailers are able to locate and pick products much quicker, saving up to 10 seconds per item collected. As a result, retailers can fulfill more orders on a daily basis, ensuring higher daily revenue and better customer satisfaction through quicker turnaround of deliveries.

Monitoring with Pricer’s ShelfVision the opposite side of an aisle to determine which products are out of stock.

The presence of AI within new technologies has enabled the rise of connected cameras and sensors that are specifically designed for store environments, allowing retailers to collect large amounts of information concerning a product while ensuring planogram compliance.

Pricer’s ShelfVision are sophisticated wide-angle cameras that look like ESLs and which are positioned on the opposite side of an aisle. The cameras’ sensor capabilities are able within its image capture range to automatically detect the identity of an ESL and determine its position.

This feature allows gap detection: it identifies the missing products on the shelf facing the camera, providing real-time alerts to store managers and personnel when a product is out of stock.

Pricer’s ShelfVision is the next evolution in ESLs enabling retailers to leverage the Pricer system to comply with their planogram strategy and inventory.