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The neutrality of electronic labels, an added value for store operations in the face of government restrictions

Electronic labels, a reliable solution helping retailers overcome operational challenges such as government restrictions.

For the New Year, the Quebec government has announced a tightening of lockdown measures by imposing a curfew and, as in March 2020, by shutting down non-essential businesses to slow the spread of COVID-19. Retail businesses such as grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores and convenience stores, however, remain open.

Nonetheless, even with stores that are considered essential, certain products within those store have been declared across Canada and the USA as non-essential, limiting which products can be sold to customers. Given these conditions, our retailers are finding it difficult to ask their employees to be the ones to police which products can or cannot be sold in store. Instances have occurred where one employee may tell a customer that a product can be bought only to find out at the checkout that the product cannot be sold. Understandably, the confusion and frustration on the part of the customer can lead to unnecessary complaints and dissatisfaction.

Instead of having our PRICER electronic shelf labels (ESLs) show the price of our product, JRTech Solutions is encouraging our retailers to display that the product is non-essential on their electronic shelf labels where applicable.

As a result, the likelihood of conflict between a customer and store staff, and any confusion as to which products are essential or not, is drastically reduced. This is owed to the fact that our ESLs are considered neutral and customers trust that the information presented on them is always correct.

Once again, our PRICER electronic shelf labels continue to demonstrate additional value to retailers and their customers given new and evolving operational challenges, including government restrictions.