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The VersaRail™ from the TagStrip™ line of plastics from JRTech Solutions™ is a plastic data strip to hold Pricer electronic shelf labels. It can be placed on regular retail c-channel shelves throughout a store. VersaRail works on Lozier, Etalex, Boni, Vic, OSF and other retail shelves. It also serves as an ideal top or high shelf solution.

Step 1 – Open the back flap of plastic and insert the metal C-channel into the plastic opening.

Step 2 – Squeeze front face of VersaRail toward back and rotate entire VersaRail backward and upward.

Step 3 – You must ensure that the lower lip of the metal c channel is seated properly in the boot of the plastic opening. Complete rest of installation in the same fashion.

Step 4 – With VersaRail upside-down, take the bottom-most lip of plastic and insert it into the bottom lip of metal C-channel.

Step 5 – Rotate VersaRail upward and backward into C-channel.

Step 6 – Push boot of rear plastic downward and inward to insert in upper lip of metal C-channel. Continue along the remainder of the VersaRail to complete installation.

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