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Avantis Cooperative (Dynaco)

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With regards to JRTech’s electronic shelf labels, Israel Ward-McNally says:

“I made the decision to install electronic labels because we were looking for a central control method and also a method to make sure that the right prices were deployed in the shop. The two-way system helps us enormously to make sure that our prices are changed in the shops, especially with centralisation. It’s very important!

So, the big major difference between having electronic labels rather than paper labels is really the time we save with the employees. This time saved is devoted today to customer service, which is obviously much more important. The other interesting aspect is the assurance that the items in the shop are purchased at the right price. I think this is even more important for customer service.” 

Israel Ward-McNally also claims, “The best advice I can give is not to be afraid of technology. When we started, one of the big fears we had when we started was: “Will new technologies have their place?” Today we don’t regret at all that we’re going to continue to introduce electronic labels in all our shops

From the beginning, JRTech reassured us that the investment we were making was the right one. From then on, they helped us with the projects we had in the shops and today they support us in our daily operations.”

Israel Ward-McNally

Vice-President Retail - Avantis Cooperative (Dynaco)

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