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RONA Val-des-monts

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With regards to JRTech’s electronic shelf labels, Claude Belec says:

“The old shop was a 3,100 square foot shop with approximately 8,500 products. At that time, it was already taking a lot of time to track, make price changes, label changes, promotions, every week and then track all the price changes. With the expansion project to 18,000 different products, it was at this point that the decision was made to look at the electronic shelf labels option for the new location.” 

Claude Belec also claims, “The practical solution for me in terms of both price and availability, was to chose JRTech Solutions for the electronic shelf label system. 

By having electronic shelf labels, I won over everything that could have been frustrating from both a customer point of view and from my point of view, on the operations side. Also, it’s saved a lot of time, a lot of manpower… it’s saved a practically full-time clerk.

Also, it made it easier to do inventories because on the labels we have the inventory in place. It had become a tool that was very beneficial for the direction I was giving to the company. So it was a good acquisition in that aspect. With JRTech Solutions, we have good service and support. The installation was well done. It was quick, it was done on time.”

Claude Belec

Owner - RONA Val-des-monts

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