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ESL Trick #1 : Click & Collect

Processing online orders quickly with our Instant Flash solution from Pricer

Did you know with electronic shelf labels, up to 5-10 seconds can be saved when fulfilling an order? 

The digital era is increasingly pushing consumers to buy products online. As a result, retailers must experiment with new ways to meet the increase of online orders. This can be accomplished with the use of new solutions to optimize their picking and delivery services.  

No less than two-thirds of consumers believe that shopping in supermarkets is a waste of time. Which is why consumers in a hurry favor click and collectThis solution allows orders to be delivered quickly and at low cost. This solution works especially well in challenging situations where the cold chain needs to be maintained such as grocery stores or pharmacies. 

In order to better manage the fulfillment of online orders, retailers commonly use the existing store network as a local warehouse. Although online orders represent an additional source of income, without proper management this temporary solution can be more of a hassle than what it is worth. 

For a standard order, an employee can take up to 30 minutes to collect the items. This means with hundreds of orders per day, the store obliged to hire more staff, which can be costly. 

By using advanced technologies for instore picking, it is possible to significantly improve, secure and speed up the process. 


How does our Pricer Instant Flash solution facilitate your Click and Collect operations? 

With our Pricer SmartFlash solution, the order picker can find the product faster. Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) and the instant flash facilitate and accelerate the picking of products. 

For each item to be collected for an order, its assigned ESL on the shelf starts to flash; it allows the order picker to walk up to the item and take it. When the product has been picked up and scanned, the flash stops. The ESL for the next product in the order then starts to flash automatically, until the order is completed. 

In addition, thanks to the automated positioning and our Geolocation servicesthe employee has picking route that is always accurate and optimal. 

Therefore, the flashing light makes it easier for staff to identify products on the shelves and the fact that the feature is instant saves time when picking the right product. As a result, retailers can save up to 5-10 seconds per item collected, allowing them to make significant savings and fulfill more daily orders with fewer staff. 




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