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ESL Trick #1 : Click & Collect

Process your online orders quickly with our Pricer Instant SmartFLASH solution

Did you know that with electronic labels, up to 5-10 seconds per item collected can be saved to fulfill an order?

The digital age is pushing consumers to further buy their products online. As a result, retailers need to experiment with new ways to respond to these exploding online demands, and most often need to use technology to better manage their product pickup and delivery services.

Consumers are more and more in a hurry and favor click and collect. At least two-thirds of consumers find shopping in supermarkets a waste of time. Through click and collect, they expect their order to be delivered quickly and inexpensively. In the food industry where the cool-chain distribution must be respected, this can be a real challenge.

In order to better manage online order processing, retailers generally use the existing store network as a local warehouse. This solution, although it represents a new source of revenue, can add to the burden on stores.

For a standard order, an employee can take up to 30 minutes to prepare it. This means that for several hundred orders per day, the store has to hire more staff, which can be costly.

Computerized technologies can then be the solution to truly improve, secure and accelerate in-store preparation.


How does our Pricer Instant SmartFLASH solution make your Click and Collect operations easier?

With our Pricer Instant SmartFLASH solution, the employee can find the product faster. In fact, electronic shelf labels (ESL) and instant flash facilitate and accelerate the collection of products.

For each product to be collected for an order, its label starts flashing; it is enough for the employee to go to the product and take it. When the item is picked up and scanned, the flash stops blinking. Then, the next product’s label will start to flash automatically, until the order is completely completed.

In addition, thanks to our Automatic Positioning and Geolocation services, a precise and optimal collection route is determined based on the exact location of the products.

Therefore, in addition to its instant functionality that saves time in picking the right product, the flashlight makes it easier for staff to identify products on the shelves. This helps retailers save up to 10 seconds per item collected, allowing them to realize significant savings and  prepare more orders per day with reduced staff.

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