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ESL Trick #4: Geolocation

Thanks to the automatic Geolocation, it has never been easier to find your product in store!

How does our Geolocation solution improve the customer and operational experience?

Finding your way in a supermarket and finding your product on the shelf is not always easy. Often in a hurry, customers may abandon their search if they cannot find assistance in finding their product. Consequently, retailers and merchants need to experiment with new technological approaches to meet this challenge in order to improve the shopping experience as well as the productivity of staff within the store.

The solution relies on dynamic positioning of each electronic label, where the position of all products can be listed on a store map. Automatic positioning allows customers and employees to locate multiple product information in real time. For example, if the product is moved, the system will detect it and notify you of its new position. This innovation aims to massively improve efficiency and the in-store shopping experience. The customers are satisfied and the staff is less interrupted.

Pricer’s Quick Search tool 

Pricer’s Quick Search tool, which is available at an interactive kiosk or from a smartphone, allows consumers to find products quickly and easily within the store. These interactive kiosks, often installed in several strategic locations in the store, accurately detect the geolocation of the electronic labels of each product. In addition, a customer with a smartphone can also scan the QR code provided to access the Quick Search tool. Once on the tool, the customer will be able to type on the search bar the product he is looking for and Quick Search will show on a store map the exact location of the product.

Combining the functionality of Automatic Product Geopositioning with our Instant SmartFLASH electronic labels from Pricer, we give you ready-to-use capabilities for retailers to develop a click-and-collect service.


How does our Pricer’s Instant SmartFLASH labels facilitate product collection?

Click & Collect is an e-commerce model in which consumers place an order online and then go to a collection point to physically collect. This purchasing method saves a significant amount of time when a customer purchases a lot of items. The model is more and more popular in supermarkets and even more since the pandemic.

However, several challenges can potentially be imposed on this model and resulting in reducing the quality of the service offered. In fact, orders often contain many items, which means that an employee can take up to 30 minutes to prepare the order in addition to the risk of the wrong item during collection. Our Instant SmartFLASH technological solution was added to the Click & Collect process in order to improve, accelerate and secure in-store preparations.

Pricer’s Instant SmartFLASH

The electronic label’s flashing light makes it easier for employees and shoppers to identify and locate products on the shelves. During collection, each item to be placed in the order is equipped with an electronic label that starts flashing. In addition, thanks to automatic positioning, the software’s algorithm can determine an accurate and optimal collection route, based on the exact location of the products. So the employee or the customer just has to follow the route to the product and retrieve it from the shelf. When the item is picked up and scanned, the flash stops blinking.

This feature is especially useful on shelves where items look the same, such as baby food, spices, sauces, cosmetics, etc. With instant flash, employees and consumers alike find the right product much faster.

The combination of the Quick Search tool and the Instant Flash feature is an ideal solution that saves shoppers and employees time. The shopping experience will be quick and easy while revolutionizing the performance of Click & Collect.


Conclusion – Thanks to our Pricer Dynamic Geolocation system, retailers can gain in productivity in their operations, which allows them to achieve significant economies of scale since they make more sales per day with a reduced staff.

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