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Our Geolocation System combined with Pricer’s Quick Search tool, available from an interactive kiosk or from a smartphone, allows you to find the exact position of a product within a store. This service will make it easier for your customers to be guided while they are walking to the store and to identify the exact location of the product they are looking for. In addition, Pricer’s Instant SmartFLASH solution is also part of the process, to easily pick products: once the search is done on Quick Search, the electronic shelf label of the desired product will start flashing.

Step 1 – Head to the interactive kiosk in the store or pick up your smartphone to scan the QR code provided.
Step 2 – Once on Pricer’s Quick Search tool, tap on the search bar the product you are looking for and click on the best suggestion that meets your need.
Step 3 – Within a few seconds, our system will show you on a store plan the exact positioning of the product.
Step 4 – Walk to the indicated position and locate the flashing electronic label on the shelf.
Step 5 – Finally, once detected, you will find yourself facing the item you were looking for, and that in just a few clicks!
With this Geolocation system, your customers will be able to find products quickly and easily within the store. This not only saves your customers time but also saves your employees time!