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The “Put-to-light” application connected to our electronic shelf labels (ESL) allows better inventory management, in addition to accelerating in-store replenishment up to 50% faster than the time it usually takes. With the Instant SmartFLASH from Pricer and its response less then a second, the employees responsible for the shelves replenishment will be able to store items efficiently and without risks of error. As a result, it will avoid putting the product in the wrong place with the wrong label. All you need is to equip your staff with a Portable Data Assistant (PDA) and the job is done!

Step 1 – Put yourself in front of the shelf that needs to be restocked.
Step 2 – Scan the barcode of the product you want to put on the shelf by using your barcode reader/PDA (Portable Data Assistant).
Step 3 – Within one second, the SmartFLASH label of the item will start flashing, and will tell you the location of the product that is out-of-stock.
Step 4 – Finally, store the item where the electronic label is flashing.
With this app, your shelves are better stocked and faster, which can lead to increased sales.

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