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ESL Trick #2: The restock

Alerting your staff to restock shelves quickly with our “Put-to-light” application from Pricer.

Did you know with our SmartFlash labels, you can restock your shelves in less than half the time it typically takes ? 

One of the most important operations for a retailer is restocking their store. In a typical supermarket, tens of thousands of items are placed on the shelves every day. This can quickly be a time-consuming task and also a source of error. If a label is not checked properly, the item might end up in the wrong place or hide the right product. As a result, the right product might not be restocked, and this will reduce sales and inventory levels for both products.


How does our “Put-to-light” application help you restock your shelves? 

In order to efficiently manage stock in store, our “Put-to-light” application speeds up the restock processWith this application connected to the Instant Flash solution from Pricer, the restocking is done much faster. The employee scans the barcode of the item to be put on the shelf with his PDA (Portable Data Assistant). Then the system tells him on a map of the store the product position, which is out of stockand also activates the flash of the electronic label instantly. Consequently, the store is filled in less than half the time it typically takes to normally restock the empty shelves.  

Furthermore, our application allows the employee to find the product faster and also removes the risk of putting the product in the wrong place. As a result, the shelves are restocked better and quicker which generates an increase in sales. At the same time, recruiting staff is easier because our Instant Flash solution from Pricer helps reduce training time and labor costs.