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Laferté Renovation Center becomes the 1st North American hardware chain to use fully graphic ESLs

JRTech Solutions transforms Laferté Renovation Center to become the first North American hardware chain to use fully graphic Electronic Shelf Labels.

Montreal, May 10, 2021 – Founded in 1960, Laferté Renovation Center, one of the most important hardware and building supply chains in Quebec, chose JRTech Solutions, the leading Canadian supplier of PRICER Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) in North America, to completely digitize their stores with fully graphic electronic shelf labels.

Recognizing the growing trend of PRICER electronic shelf labels in retail, Laferté Renovation Center decided to install PRICER’s automated pricing system from JRTech Solutions to better manage their in-store operations and to quickly change their prices simultaneously across their stores.

Moreover, the option of having labels with fully graphic displays provides the chain with the opportunity to have creative flexibility on the design of their labels in addition to using color. There is no limitation to the type and quantity of information Laferté wishes to display in real time on their labels such as the inventory of products, the status of the product, and the quantity on order, for example. Because all the information is instantly available on the label, an employer can respond precisely and quickly to the customer without leaving the aisle.

In addition, Laferté will see additional benefits with PRICER graphic labels when replenishing stock as seen in this video.

“Given the number of products we have to manage, we were looking for a solution that could, on the one hand, simplify our operations and, on the other hand, allow us to respond rapidly and efficiently to the growing demands of our customers.”, says Louis-Jacques Laferté, President of Laferté Renovation Center.

In their Drummondville store alone, the largest in the chain with a sales area of more than 60,000 square feet and greater than 25,000 products, it was more than essential for Laferté Renovation Center to invest in technology that could improve their operational efficiency, eliminate errors and provide the basis for their omnichannel platform.

“PRICER electronic labels allow us to focus more of our efforts on customer service and not on operational tasks like changing prices or putting up promotional posters. This is a considerable advantage in the current context of labor scarcity.”, specifies Patrick Lapointe, General Manager of Laferté Renovation Center.

“What impressed us most about Laferté was how they analyzed the use cases for our electronic shelf label system. Not only did they utilize our PRICER labels to facilitate their operations, but they also altered their operations to make the most use of the features, power and speed of our ESLs. As a result, they were able to demonstrate a faster ROI than any other banner we have seen to date.”, adds Diego Mazzone, President and CEO of JRTech Solutions.

Today, Laferté Renovation Center becomes the first North American hardware chain to use fully graphic electronic shelf labels exclusively throughout their stores.

About Laferté Renovation Center
Founded in 1960, Laferté Renovation Center is one of the most important renovation centers in Quebec. More than 60 years later, Laferté Renovation Center sells more than 25,000 different products and materials. They are also a member of the Independent Lumber Dealers Co-operative (ILDC), the largest purchasing group in Canada which allows them to offer very competitive prices.

About JRTech Solutions
Since 2008, JRTech Solutions has provided retailers with electronic solutions to improve the efficiency of their retail operations. JRTech Solutions is the leading North American turnkey solutions supplier of the world’s most reliable electronic shelf label system, PRICER. For further information, please visit

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