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Laferté, Renovation Center

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With regards to JRTech’s electronic shelf labels, Patrick Lapointe & Stéphanie Ringuette say:

“We chose the digital pricing for two reasons. First, they optimize the operation on a day-to-day basis. And secondly, they really simplify everything we do on a daily basis for employee.

So, the electronic labels help us since we have over a thousand products on the floor. We are able to change our price on a daily basis, especially in those specific times when we have a lot of price changes. So, we are able to react pretty fast on the floor and ensure that the customer has the actual price and the correct price on the floor. 

Also, when all the promotions were pushed in the morning, we didn’t have to change any labels. So, we had the correct promotion on the floor.” 

They also claim, “One of the great advantages of electronic labels is you can put whatever you want in it. For example, for us, we show live if the product is on order or not, and we show the status. It’s a great time saving for the employee. They don’t have to run back to the computer just to check the quantity.

Moreover, we don’t have paper anymore at Laferté. So, of course, we’ll never go back to paper labels! Our employees are now focused on customers instead of doing tasks. 

So, don’t be afraid of the technology! It’s there to help you, to be more efficient. And, JRTech Solutions is there to support you and provide you with a turnkey solution adapted to your company.”

Patrick Lapointe & Stéphanie Ringuette

General Manager and Buyer - Laferté, Renovation Center

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