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Groupe BMR: Partnership with JRTech Solutions

Groupe BMR and JRTech Solutions: A privileged partnership for rollout of ESLs

Groupe BMR, a leading Canadian home improvement chain with over 300 stores, signed a frame agreement with JRTech Solutions, Canada’s leading reseller of electronic shelf label technology, to roll out Pricer’s digital shelf edge system throughout its chain.


Groupe BMR asked for a system to help its store co-owners in their day-to-day operations, to particularly optimize the workflow of their experts on the floor and enable them to better serve customers while minimizing the risk of operational errors.

Integrated solutions:

In collaboration with JRTech Solutions Inc. since 2010, Canada’s leading reseller of electronic label technology Pricer, Groupe BMR decided to sign a framework agreement to install Pricer electronic label technology in more than 80 of its stores.

“Electronic tags are essential to our digital strategy,” explained Pierre Nolet, vice-president of development at Groupe BMR. By investing in JRTech Solutions’ technology, the chain implemented advanced solutions in its stores such as SmartFLASH, to enable them to improve stocking and merchandising operations. Also, they were able to optimize their pricing operations while providing better customer service.

BMR further expanded its use of their electronic shelf label technology through the implementation of Pricer’s Geopositioning cloud service at its flagship urban store, BMR LA SHOP, in downtown Montreal. Pricer’s unique architecture makes it the only ESL system on the market that can geolocate an electronic shelf label within a store environment, almost like an interior GPS system. By knowing where a label is at all times, you effectively know where a specific product is within the store since all ESLs are related to store products. The system automatically updates itself as products and their associated labels move around in store.  Customers who walk into LA SHOP can search products by name on an interactive touchscreen. The products position is then displayed on the screen for quick and easy retrieval. Customers also have the ability to run the application on their phones so they can search for products as they walk through the store.

When combining SmartFLASH with Geopositioning, BMR is now poised to develop its Click and Collect service with JRTech Solutions even further. This will allow BMR employees to know where to pick products in the store, thereby saving valuable time and reducing errors, all while allowing BMR to fulfill more orders per day.  

Result :

” By winning this project, JRTech Solutions demonstrates that the Pricer electronic tag system is the solution of choice for hardware retailers, ” said Diego Mazzone.

By taking advantage of JRTech Solutions’ solutions, the chain is bringing an innovative concept to the hardware industry. Today, Groupe BMR is the largest user of electronic label technology in the North American home improvement market. On top of that, waves of 20 store deployments are expected to continue through 2020.

About Groupe BMR

BMR Group is an affiliate of Sollio Cooperative Group that regroups 300 home renovation centers and hardware stores in Québec, Ontario and the Maritimes. BMR Group is the largest Québec-owned player in the home renovation industry and operates under the BMR, La Shop BMR, Agrizone, Potvin & Bouchard and Country Stores banners.