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Revolutionize your customer experience with Pricer’s graphic electronic shelf labels from JRTech Solutions

Improving the shopping experience for in-store customers is a top priority for retailers and using graphic electronic shelf labels is the way to go.

Here are the reasons why the simple installation of electronic shelf labels in stores will guarantee your customers an optimal shopping experience.

Price accuracy
Thanks to the automated pricing system, Pricer electronic shelf labels constantly display accurate prices that can be updated instantaneously. This responsive price management helps minimize pricing errors between the moment a customer chooses a product on the shelf and he/she checks out. Therefore, the customer will always see accurate prices, gain confidence and improve his/her perception of the store’s image.

As for the customers, there are no more surprises when it comes to prices.” – Martin Lecomte, Vice-President Retail, BMR Group

An informative and attractive display
The intelligent display of electronic shelf labels (ESL) allows buyers to access all essential product information: promotion, quantity in stock, shortages, orders in progress, etc. Moreover, the new generation of Pricer’s fully graphic ESL offers retailers total freedom in design thanks to a customizable screen. As a result, the colorization or the presence of images on the electronic display allows customers to better identify a product and its price. It also allows the customer to spot “good deals” or “happy hours” during promotional periods.

Furthermore, it supports the quality of customer service since both the employee and the customer access product information and specifications in real time. For example, by scanning the QR code of an ESL using a smartphone, the customer can access additional personalized product information (origin, size, composition, etc.), without having to wait for an employee for assistance.

Time saving
In addition to saving time by finding product information directly on the graphic electronic display, the customer can also use geolocation. This solution, which is based on the dynamic positioning of each ESL, allows the customer to quickly locate a product on a store map in addition to offering him/her an ideal route to access it. The shopper has access to the products’ location in two ways: either through an interactive kiosk in the store or through a smartphone (see demonstration video).

Pricer electronic shelf labels are the ideal solution for improving both customer satisfaction and the in-store shopping experience. Buyers can save time, gain confidence, and view product information with total transparency. Moreover, instead of constantly changing paper price labels, employees can free themselves from this laborious and time-consuming task and devote more time in providing support to their customers and advising them in their purchasing decisions.