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Why are retailers turning old analog shelf into smart shelves?

How to make your shelves digitally smart?

According to the article written by Yuval Boger, the CMO of WI-Charge, forward-looking retailers are looking to upgrade the old analog shelf with digital features, turning them into smart shelves that benefit both consumers and retailers.

One of the best ways to make your shelves smart is to equip them with electronic shelf labels that give retailers multiple opportunities to manage and optimize their in-store operations while taking advantage of omnichannel distribution.


What are the benefits of smart shelves for retailers?

In stores, digital smart shelves provide retailers with new visibility and control over their operations: they can automatically track and manage in-store inventory levels more easily, make smarter restocking decisions. Also tracking the presence of items on shelves reduces theft and lack of sales.

When shelves are equipped with electronic shelf labels, retailers can easily update the price to reflect short-term promotions, match a competitor’s price, or help move low-selling items. When sensors can monitor the shopping behavior of customers, merchandising the store layout can be optimized based on real-time data, and A/B experiments can be performed with ease.


What are the benefits of smart shelves for consumers?

Consumers can also benefit from smart shelves equipped with electronic shelf labels. For example, a buyer’s mobile app that interacts with a smart shelf can create a more personalized shopping experience. Instant Flash can be triggered near items that are on the customer’s shopping list to help the customer find these items faster.



Smart shelving technologies like electronic labels are game-changing for retailers increasing both operational efficiency and customer convenience.

If you are interested in equipping your store with electronic shelf labels, click here.