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With regards to JRTech’s electronic shelf labels, Jean-François Tanguay says:

“We installed the electronic labels in order to simplify our operations. Mostly to reduce the risk of errors related to the law on price accuracy that has caused us a lot of problems.

So, by replacing the traditional paper labels which required price changes at each flyer or to be very effective at price changes and label changes in the store, the electronic labels have resolved this issue for us by deploying the prices in real time on the shelves.” 

Jean-François Tanguay also claims, “JRTech appeared to us as being the most serious provider for electronic shelf labels. The infrared technology guarantees stability and is very robust

Electronic labels ensure that every price change is displayed on the shelves across all locations with the product. So, each time there is a price change that is made or a new flyer, the prices are automatically deployed on the shelves wherever the product is found. Thus, guaranteeing a high accuracy rate and reduced errors at checkouts. Therefore, a reduction in costs and more efficient and agile management.

Also, don’t stop considering the solution because of the cost, because there is also a really interesting aspect for the customers to come and shop in an environment that is highly technological and also that has an ecological aspect in terms of reduction of waste produced by paper labels.”

Jean-François Tanguay

IT Director - Avril Supermarché Santé

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