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JRTech Solutions Among the 18 Sponsors to Host AQMAT’s Golf Day

The traditional AQMAT golf tournament took place under a radiant sun!

On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, JRTech Solutions had the honour of participating in the traditional, annual golf day organized by AQMAT. This long-awaited tournament took place at the Parcours du Cerf in Longueuil where 144 participants warmly met in person under a sunny day.

As part of the “Quincaillerie en tête et en fête” week celebration, which promotes the businesses and manufacturers recognized as essential to the hardware industry, the golfers had the opportunity to network and cross paths with 18 sponsors’ booths on the course. Each of them tended to the players by providing them with food and drinks in addition to entertaining them with a personalized activity.

Our team prepared a contest called “Ready, Set, Go!” involving our Put-to-light solution, in order to demonstrate to hardware dealers how to restock their store’s shelves in only a few seconds thanks to our electronic shelf labels (ESL). As part of this activity, we had a draw where the winner would go home with a helicopter ride for two in Mont-Tremblant!

To win this prize, we first challenged the players to place 5 packaged hardware items on peg hooks, according to planogram, without our “Put-to-light” application. Second, these same players had to place another 5 items, but this time, with our solution which flashes the ESL and indicates the exact location to place the product on the peg hook or shelf.

Based on a sample size of over 50 participants, we found that using the “Put-to-light” application allowed players to be almost twice as fast in filling the shelves than without its use. In fact, in the first scenario without our application, a player would take up to 55 seconds to place items as opposed to an average of only 30 seconds in the second scenario.

With the Pricer technology of our Instant SmartFLASH electronic shelf labels, players were able to demonstrate that no matter how much in-store work experience they had, stocking shelves has never been faster, easier and more accurate.

To view our activity at the event showing the benefits of our application, click on the following video:

THANK YOU to all the golfers for visiting our booth and congratulations to our grand prize winner, Marc-André Lebel – Owner of BMR Pierre Naud, who was chosen in the draw.