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JRTech Solutions’ first participation as a sponsor in the SOPROPHARM 2021 Symposium

JRTech Solutions was honoured to participate for the first time in the 2021 Symposium, organized by SOPROPHARM. This annual event gathers the pharmacy-owners operating under the Jean Coutu banner and took place from November 8 to 10 at the Fairmont Tremblant hotel.

SOPROPHARM is a non-profit organization that has 40 years. Its role is to act as a spokesperson for pharmacy-owners in order to promote and defend their professional and economic interests. Among the many services offered by SOPROPHARM to Jean Coutu franchisees, the association organizes annual symposiums to bring together partners and members to discuss various topics and themes.

This year, JRTech Solutions joined the team for the very first time as a sponsor and a major speaker at the event. Diego Mazzone, President and CEO of JRTech Solutions, introduced the Pricer electronic shelf label (ESL) technology and its various features to the pharmacy-owners in a presentation.

Under the theme “Enter the era of retail digitalization”, Mr. Mazzone invites pharmacists to be part of the retail industry’s “Phygital” revolution by adopting Pricer’s infrared-communicating electronic shelf label technology.

As mentioned by Sylvain Couture at the conference, the vast majority of pharmacies have Price Coordinators (PC) who are responsible for making price changes and periodically verifying that they are accurate. With an average of 200 to 300 price changes per week, a full-time PC can spend up to 25 hours per week managing these changes, leaving only 10 to 15 hours to focus on other tasks.

With the installation of Pricer’s electronic shelf labels in a pharmacy, an employee can instead spend most of his or her time on more strategic tasks, such as better inventory management and improved customer service.

As a result, price automation can allow pharmacy staff to save time and energy by accelerating price changes. In addition, the reorganization of weekly tasks will allow pharmacies like Jean Coutu to save up to $40,000 in labour costs, nearly $5,000 in paper labels and $1,000 in ink cartridges per year.

The 4 features enabled by Pricer’s electronic shelf labels

Beyond pricing automation, the president of JRTech Solutions also introduced pharmacy-owners to the 4 different features only enabled by Pricer’s ESLs. The activation of these in-store features, whether it be Geolocation, Put-to-Light, Click & Collect or ShelfVision, assist employees in their operations and customers in their shopping experience. To learn more, click on the following video.