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Patrick Morin and JRTech Solutions: The revolution of their store operations

Patrick Morin and JRTech Solutions: The revolution of their store operations with our ESLs

Patrick Morin, one of the largest independent hardware chains in Canada, selected JRTech Solutions to roll out electronic shelf labels to all of its stores.


The chain was looking for an effective solution to optimize their pricing management. After reviewing several technologies on the market, Patrick Morin selected the Pricer line of electronic shelf labels offered by JRTech Solutions, the leading provider of electronic price technology in North America, to fully equip all their stores.

Integrated solution:

Patrick Morin was the first chain to mix both types of electronic shelf labels: segmented labels and graphic labels. “We have very clearly defined strategies on how we will use electronic shelf label technology in our stores,” said Daniel Lampron, Director General of Patrick Morin. In fact, their strategy consisted in incorporating, first, segmented ESLs in most of their sales area and using graphic labels specifically in sections with more stock turnover, such as the end-cap sections. This strategy gave Patrick Morin a major competitive advantage over its largest hardware chains. 


Today, the chain continues to leverage our technology for every one of their stores to remain in a position to better respond to competitive pricing while offering a better level of customer service for the hardware vertical. Pricer electronic shelf labels will continue to improve their sales operations. 

About Patrick Morin

For over 50 years of expertise, Patrick Morin has exceled as a leader in the renovation industry in Québec by proudly supporting thousands of clients in their building and renovation projects. Today, Patrick Morin operates 21 sales locations providing Quebecers with the very best of what the building and renovation industry has to offer.