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RONA Val-des-Monts chooses JRTech Solutions to equip its hardware store with electronic shelf labels

JRTech Solutions, Canada's largest electronic shelf label provider, announces an agreement with RONA Val-des-Monts, a DIY store affiliated with RONA, a Lowe's Canada brand.

Montreal, April 29, 2019 – JRTech Solutions, Canada’s largest electronic retail label provider, announces an agreement with RONA Val-des-Monts, a DIY store affiliated with RONA, a Lowe’s Canada brand. 

This commitment aligns with the opening of RONA Val-des-Monts brand new store.

The primary goal in equipping our store with electronic shelf labels is to avoid price errors and simplify label management. Along with price accuracy, the additional features available with our Pricer labels, such as SmartFLASH and geolocation, will help optimize our operations. Moreover, seeing the impressed response of our customers makes us very proud of our decision.” says Claude Belec, co-owner and president of RONA Val-des-Monts.

One of the best times to incorporate electronic shelf labels for a retailer is when renovating or opening a new store. RONA Val-des-Monts had the foresight to design its new store with our electronic shelf labels in order to meet the challenges of Retail 2.0.” adds Diego Mazzone, president and CEO of JRTech Solutions.

The functionality of electronic tags, a niche that has attracted the attention of Canadian retailers in recent years, is constantly evolving. This technology makes it possible to optimize business performance, simplify management and, at the same time, provide unparalleled customer service.

About RONA Val-des-Monts
Founded in 2012, RONA Val-des-Monts is a growing centre of renovation and building materials. Since spring 2019, the affiliated merchant store has moved to a new location in order to complete its expansion project to provide customers with a larger sales area and a wider selection of products and inventory. Thanks to its dedicated employees, customers and personalized products and services, RONA Val-des-Monts is a must-go store for residents and entrepreneurs of the region.

About JRTech Solutions
Since 2008, JRTech Solutions has provided retailers with electronic solutions to improve the efficiency of their retail operations. JRTech Solutions is the leading North American turnkey solutions supplier of the world’s most reliable electronic shelf label system, PRICER. For further information, please visit

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