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The president of JRTech Solutions elected to AQMAT board of directors

JRTech Solutions becomes the first electronic shelf labels supplier to serve on AQMAT board of directors

Montreal, April 28, 2021 – We are pleased to announce the election of Diego Mazzone, CEO and President of JRTech Solutions, as a member of the board of directors of Association Québécoise de la Quincaillerie et des Matériaux de construction (AQMAT) during their 81st General Assembly.

For more than 13 years, JRTech Solutions has been the first Canadian and leading supplier of PRICER electronic labels in North America, with more than 700 client stores from all sectors, mainly home improvement centers.

In fact, the hardware stores members of AQMAT having contributed to the success of JRTech Solutions, it was important for us to apply for the board of directors in order to also support the development and missions of the association.

As the hardware stores members of AQMAT have contributed to JRTech Solutions success, it was important for us to apply for the board of directors in order to support the development and missions of the association.

JRTech Solutions has been involved in AQMAT missions since its inception. First, by sponsoring their various events over the years then, by helping their merchants to digitize their stores to facilitate their sales operations, especially in the face of government restrictions with the collaboration of AQMAT president, Richard Darveau.

Moreover, founded in Quebec, JRTech Solutions shares the values of the association which are: to defend the well-being of hardware stores and to promote Quebec businesses. “As a Quebec entrepreneur with products/services made locally, It’s essential for me to help AQMAT and their “Well made here” program grow in order to promote companies and products from Quebec. AQMAT and its members have contributed immensely to the success of JRTech over the years and I want to be able to support their development as well and defend their values.”, says Diego Mazzone, president of JRTech Solutions.

Thanks to this nomination, JRTech Solutions will be able to bring its know-how to AQMAT board, participate in their actions and grow its network in the industry.

About Association québécoise de la quincaillerie et des matériaux (AQMAT)
For 80 years, AQMAT, a non-profit organization, defends, informs, trains and animates a community of 1000 member companies made up of retail businesses, banners, manufacturers and distributors of hardware items and construction materials cumulating 12 billion in sales, 12 million square feet of sales and 25,000 jobs.

About JRTech Solutions
Since 2008, JRTech Solutions has provided retailers with electronic solutions to improve the efficiency of their retail operations. We are the leading North American complete solutions supplier of the world’s most reliable electronic shelf labels system, Pricer. For further information, please visit