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Why electronic shelf labels will be Santa Claus’ best allies?

The lack of normalcy in 2020 could lead to strong sales as the holidays season approaches.

In this year marred by COVID-19, a report from Deloitte Canada says holiday spending could drop 18%. But experts believe the lack of normalcy in 2020 could lead to strong sales.

In fact, many parents are hoping that they can give their children a Christmas as normal as possible. Moreover, the toy category has been very popular with families during the pandemic, mainly to outsmart the boredom of their kids.

“With the closure of many children’s events, day camps and schools, parents have really tried to compensate to make sure their children have fun and are entertained,” noted Gail Banack, Vice-President of the children’s section at Indigo.

So, the retailers expect this trend to continue and anticipate strong sales as the holidays season approaches.

How to respond quickly to the gift list of children?

Since the first wave of pandemic, retailers such as toy stores have seen a surge in orders online with in-store pickup or door-to-door delivery. And this new normal of consumption is more present than ever during the second wave of pandemic.

To avoid disappointment of kids and ensure the delivery of gifts to be placed under the tree on time, the retailers could use new technologies such as electronic shelf labels.

In fact, in a recent study conducted by JRTech Solutions, more than one in three retailers who have faced the problems of increasing online demand, said that electronic labels could have been beneficial to them in managing these problems.

With electronic labels, the retailers can save up to 10 seconds per item collected to fulfill an order. As a result, they will be able to respond more quickly to the children’s list of gifts and help Santa Claus to give them away on time.