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Why is JRTech Solutions the #1 supplier of Electronic Shelf Labels in North America?

Here are 5 reasons why JRTech Solutions is, since 2008, the #1 supplier of electronic shelf labels (ESL) in North America.

1. JRTech Solutions works with and provides solutions to Canada’s largest banners.

After winning significant contracts since 2010 with BMR, but also with the affiliated retailers RONA, Home Hardware and Patrick Morin, JRTech Solutions has become the key supplier to hardware stores in Canada. Since then, JRTech Solutions has been working with the largest banners in the hardware and construction industry, signing major agreements with BMR, Canadian Tire, Castle Building Centres, Laferté Renovation Centre and more.

In the grocery industry, JRTech Solutions equipped Avril Supermarché in 2010 and has continued to work with other major grocery banners such as Metro, Super C, Whole Foods and many others.

More recently, JRTech Solutions has reached an agreement with 10 pharmacies affiliated with the Jean Coutu Group to install the latest generation of fully graphic ESLs, SmartTAG Power+.

2. JRTech Solutions offers solutions that go beyond price automation

Did you know that JRTech Solutions’ pricing automation system can go much further than changing prices ?

Pricer’s infrared communication platform enables several features that will help you achieve better operations management. Some of these features include:

  • Geolocation: JRTech Solutions provides retailers with Automatic Product Geopositioning to efficiently geolocate a product within 1 foot of its actual location. Pricer’s Quick Search tool, which is available at an interactive kiosk or from a smartphone, then allows consumers to find products quickly and easily within the store.
  • Put-to-light: To better manage in-store inventory, our Put-to-light app and Pricer’s Instant SmartFLASH electronic labels help speed up in-store restocking without errors. The app speeds up the restocking process by up to 50% while increasing sales by reducing the number of out-of-stock items.
  • Click & Collect: By combining our Geopositioning system with our Instant SmartFLASH solution, you can have the ability to offer Click-&-Collect services. Shoppers and retailers can locate and select products much faster, saving up to 10 seconds per item collected.
  • The Shelf Vision: Pricer’s Shelf Vision, a camera using artificial intelligence, is specially designed and adapted for the retail industry. Placed on the shelf, the Shelf Vision collects and communicates a large amount of product information throughout the day while ensuring planogram compliance.


3. JRTech Solutions has the fastest technical support

When it comes to answering your doubts/questions or helping you out, JRTech Solutions has the fastest technical support in the industry locally, whether in English or French!

In fact, following a study done during the year, the IT department was able to answer and resolve the problem in 30 minutes on average. As shown in the graph below, the customer support time was reduced by more than 50%, going from 48 minutes in January to only 19 minutes in September.

4. JRTech Solutions has over 15 years of expertise in all verticals

Since 2008, JRTech Solutions has been working with retailers in all kinds of verticals, from hardware, grocery and pharmacy to electronics and wine & spirits. JRTech Solutions provides digital price tag solutions to improve the efficiency of their retail operations.

Being involved in over 900 store installations with over 13 million electronic shelf labels deployed, we are the leading North American supplier of the world’s most trusted electronic shelf labeling system, Pricer.

To learn more about the history of JRTech Solutions, please visit:

5. JRTech Solutions is expanding all across Canada

Since their first installation in 2009, equipping over 200 supermarkets at the US military base of the “DeCa military” project, and then continuing with the innovation of the first two Canadian stores with electronic labels, BMR Unimat Lac Megantic and Avril Supermarché in Quebec, JRTech Solutions has only expanded further by revolutionizing the retail industry in all sectors across the country.

In conclusion, whether you have a grocery store, hardware store, pharmacy or other retail store, JRTech Solutions ensures maximum optimization of the in-store pricing process. With the many features built into the Pricer infrared electronic shelf label system, JRTech offers you the opportunity to expand your in-store services while improving your operational performance, shopping experience and customer service.

JRTech Solutions is North America’s leading provider of digital pricing systems from industry pioneer Pricer. Our electronic shelf labels and digital signage are designed to provide stores with all the benefits modern technology can offer. If you want to increase efficiency, improve price accuracy and customer satisfaction, and reduce waste, contact us to optimize your pricing processes today!